Creative Exploration Workshops

Produced by The Powder Group
in conjunction with the Provincetown Art Association and Museum

The Creative Exploration Workshop program is back as a part of a unique series of events produced by The Powder Group in 2016!

In this three-day, intensive program, attendees will be encouraged to delve into their artistic side in a way that no professional beauty industry event has ever offered. The program is limited to 20 attendees.

Designed to expand the attendees creative and artistic boundaries, this industry-shifting event will invite participants to step out of their comfort zone and experience art and creativity across a broad spectrum of mediums of fine arts.

The program will include lecture, demonstration, practical and hands-on workshops portions including, but not limited to, such disciplines as painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpting, photography, creative writing and freestyle mediums.

Attendees will be taken on a journey of creativity that will allow them to find inspiration in new ways, and allow their imagination to experience a complete flexibility and openness.

This program is produced by Michael DeVellis and The Powder Group in partnership Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Presenters are all experts in their field and proven educators in their area of expertise and will be revealed as the program unfolds for the attendees throughout the week.

Program Dates: Tuesday, June 14 – Thursday, June 16
Bonus work day: Friday, June 17

To register please go to
Questions please contact

Accommodations are not included in program fee.

  • Creative Exploration Workshop attendees are offered special rates of $119.00 – $159.00 during our program at Provincetown Inn. Registered attendees will be provided registration details.
  • All supplies for the program are included with the attendees fee.
  • Fee does not include breakfast and lunch
  • As no portion of the program focuses on makeup artistry or application, attendees will not need their makeup kits, makeup brushes or tools.

$100 deposit holds your space

What is The Creative Exploration Workshops program?
The CEW is a three-day, intensive program, focusing on the creative arts including painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpting, photography, creative writing and freestyle mediums.

Will I actually be practicing each type of art?
We will have a hands-on workshop portion of each area of focus. Each section during the week will be only a two to three hours long, and is meant to be a taste of that area of art. So you will learn basic technique and practice with the help of the instructor.

What if I am not artistic or haven’t done these things before?
That is exactly the point of the program. To push ourselves outside of our comfort zones creatively in order to explore various mediums and to spark intention and inspiration. Not knowing how to create these types or art is a good thing in this case.

So I will be able to draw and paint after the program?
The program is intended to provide you the experience of working in each medium, but as with any artistic discipline it takes a long time to become adept at these skills. A few hours of focus will give you the understanding and tools to explore each discipline of art on your own for those that interest you.

Will we do any makeup at the event?
There are no makeup application portions of the event.

How will this help me in my makeup career?
Aside from the big picture goal of allowing attendees to push themselves creatively, the program will have many applications to your daily work. During or following each session, we’ll discuss the correlation of the art projects focus with your artistry and career development to bring an immediate understanding of the sections benefits.

What do I need to bring?
Your most creative mind and an openness to try new things and experience your community through a new set of eyes. All other supplies and materials are provided for you during the program.

How many attendees will be at the event?
There is a maximum of 20 attendees.

How many different types of session are going to be held during the event?
We will cover a minimum of three areas of artistry per day for all three days of the program.

What if I can’t be there for the entire week?
The program is set up as one three-day program, however given the logistics of the events, you can come into the program later than Tuesday morning or leave earlier than Thursday if your schedule does not allow for you to spend the entire week with us. The program cost does not change based on missed hours or days.

What is the bonus work day on Friday, June 17?
The bonus work day is a full in-studio day where attendees will be able to continue to work on their projects or start new ones within the mediums we have been working in over the three-day program.

Who will teach the sessions?
Experts in each area of artistry, who are experienced as educators as well, will be our presenters. A full list of each artist will be provided to attendees.