Online: Working With Landscape

Toward the end of her life, reflecting on the beginning of her work in New Mexico, Georgia O’Keeffe said, “I thought someone could tell me how to paint a landscape. But I never found that person. I had to just settle down and try…They could tell me how to paint their landscape, but they couldn’t tell me how to paint mine.”

Finding and painting one’s landscape (joyfully) can be the work of a lifetime. Drawing on O’Keeffe’s wisdom, this workshop will invite participants to consider their landscape while supporting participants as they develop confidence in their skills and visual language. One develops skill as a painter by painting, so the goal of this workshop will be the development of a series of studies and finished paintings of small to medium scale.

This workshop will use Zoom for two six-hour Saturday sessions. The first Saturday is focused on learning from several artists working in dialogue with the workshop’s theme. Using prompts drawn from these artists’ work, we’ll engage their thinking in our picture making. During the week, participants will be encouraged to continue working on their own (as time allows) and everyone will schedule an individual consultation with the instructor. The following Saturday is focused on more consideration of artists relevant to the workshop, continued studio work, and a final group review.

Workshop participants don’t need to have a studio, but should have a workspace (inside or outside) that has internet access or data access for an on-going Zoom call (computer or phone). The course is open to artists of all levels, who are interested in oil painting, acrylic painting, or multimedia approaches. Ideally you should have some familiarity with the materials with which you choose to work as material demonstrations are somewhat ineffective over Zoom.