White Line Woodcuts: Who, What, and Why?

What is a white line woodcut? Why use wood when you can just paint on paper? Who came up with this idea? The fun starts right away as we’ll begin with you making your first print. The first block is provided, and more will be available to purchase. As we continue to stir the creative juices, I’ll also be giving you some background on the fascinating history of this art form. I’ll read excerpts from various publications about the artists who are connected to it, and show you examples of their work as inspiration. A visit to several galleries that feature white line woodcuts is included, and the final class will include viewing HBOs “Packed in a Trunk, The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson” to give you the latest historical twist. This art form is very approachable for beginners and a fascinating exploration for experienced artists. You will walk away with a finished white line print of your own.