Wax or Water? An Exploration of Encaustic vs. Acrylic in Provincetown

Encaustic and acrylic mediums, though incompatible, both offer the ability to layer, create texture, transfer images, collage, or just paint. This workshop is an opportunity to explore the similarities and differences between these mediums. There will be demonstrations of these various techniques including taking one idea and working it out in both encaustic and acrylic. Then you are welcome to decide what you’d like to continue to explore.

Bring your image ideas and resources including sketches, photos or even paintings in progress. Most tools and supplies are provided. Techniques of texture, brushing, fusing, layering, scraping/scribing, and drawing to develop our images are demonstrated, as well as collage and image transfer. This is primarily process and technique oriented. Space limited to five.

Directions to the artist’s studio are supplied upon registration.