Plein Air: Watercolor Revisited

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Watercolor painting is a distinct medium which lies in-between the realms of painting and drawing.  Watercolor is stigmatized as unforgiving, where marks and color should be applied “perfectly” the first time around as any attempt to paint over renders the effect muddled. The heaviness of this expectation often causes fear in the painter when working with the medium for the first time.

In the workshop we will defy and revisit this reputation attached to watercolor as a difficult medium to master.  The student will be empowered with a new approach to watercolor by embracing its chance like behavior and as a sketching tool to inform works in other painterly media.

The workshop will take place outdoors with the Provincetown landscape as a model and reference point. Notable Classical and Contemporary watercolor painters will be viewed and discussed for inspiration. The workshop will consist of one-on-one and group feedback with the instructor, technical demonstrations, and in class exercises. All levels of painting experience are welcome from the beginning to advanced painter.