Online Watercolor Workshop: Wet on Wet

Watercolor can seem daunting for those who have tried it or want to try it.  This is a class designed to help loosen your approach to the medium, feel more capable with the paints, and find out how rewarding it can be. The classes focus on working with water, learning how to mix colors, understanding paper, and using the strengths (and weaknesses) of the medium to your advantage.  

Starting with a short demonstration, each 2 hour class will concentrate on a different aspect of watercolor painting with the final class putting them all together like a symphony!


  • The first class will work with the different methods of painting with watercolors and the paints themselves. We will be mixing colors using water instead of the palette. 


  • The second class will focus on different surfaces. Using the paper you have at hand, we will talk about how different papers and surfaces can be manipulated to make watercolors perform differently. In particular, we will talk about lifting paint and working counter intuitively to create desired effects.


  • In this final class, we will go over different types of washes and how they can be used for backgrounds, foregrounds, and we’ll specifically tackle the “muddy” wash. In addition, we’ll go over how to begin projects (what to work on first and why). This is the class where you bring what YOU want to work on and you can start it to move forward into the summer with some direction!