Up Close and Personal with Biala and Gottlieb

Looking at art can be a very subjective experience.  What appeals to one person may appear totally inaccessible to another; what one person may deem to be extraordinary may seem very pedestrian to the next viewer.  What one person may take a casual glance at can be another’s deep, emotional experience. With this in mind, join Beth Stein for a ‘personal adventure’ with selected works from PAAM’S upcoming exhibits of the art of Janice Biala and Adolph Gottlieb.

Each participant will view works on display in the respective galleries, and select three of those pieces in each gallery:

  • His/her choice for ‘masterpiece’ – and why
  • His/her personal favorite – and why
  • The piece determined to be the most ‘difficult’ to understand – and why

All participants will share their selections and explain the reason(s) for each choice.  The members of the group will have the opportunity to question/discuss the various pieces with one another and the instructor.  Participants will then be presented with an overview of the careers of Biala and Gottlieb. After experiencing this class, you may never look at art the same way again!