Understanding our Artistic Authenticity through the Figure

Back by popular demand, this seven-week course is an immersion into the figure as it relates to each artist and his/her/their practice. The morning sessions begin with looking at works from the museum’s collection as prompts for the material being presented that day. Gesture drawings warm up the hand and then the group will move onto exercises that are based in the Hofmann tradition of abstracting the figure while working directly from life. Affirming and insightful critiques and commentary occur during model breaks. Artists can create drawings, paintings or collages that use non-toxic, green materials. 

The emphasis in the course, limited to eight people and one assistant, is to support each artist’s evolving body of work while discovering and developing a unique visual language. In addition, participants will create laser-like clarity in their professional development with an artist statement, resume, biography and cohesive images that can be used for gallery submissions, residency or grant applications and a website.


*schedule shift from printed catalog; NO CLASS on August 17. This session has been shifted to August 31st.