Three Ways Forward: Weather, Pathways, and Space An Online Painting Workshop

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Looking closely at the work of Joan Eardley, Richard Diebenkorn, and David Hockney we’ll explore the creation of pictures that utilize weather, pathways and space as organizing principles. This workshop will unfold over two weekends using Zoom and other easily accessible digital tools.

The first day (Saturday) is focused on learning from the artists we’re considering and making work in dialogue with their thinking. The second day (Sunday) is oriented toward working on your own with a one-to-one, scheduled consultation with the instructor. And the third day (the following Saturday) is focused on conversation about the work created in the first part of the workshop, continued studio work, and a final group review. Optional assignments will be offered for the week between weekend sessions.

The goal of this workshop is to explore one’s current location (landscape, interior, still life, portraiture, figurative work, or abstraction) using the principles of our guiding artists and to create a small body of artwork. Workshop participants don’t need to have a studio, but should have a workspace (inside or outside) that has internet access or data access for an on-going Zoom call (computer or phone). The course is open to artists of all levels, but ideally you should have some familiarity with the materials with which you choose to work as material demonstrations are somewhat ineffective over Zoom.