Online: The Provincetown Art Colony: Karl Knaths and Agnes Weinrich

For the past century, Provincetown has welcomed, nurtured and inspired artists from all over the world – not just to create, but to connect with the town and its people. Only in Provincetown could this unique relationship between artists and community members become the defining experience of this fabled, outermost point of Cape Cod. Life in Provincetown has for the past 100+ years been charted by the interactions between these two groups – from destitute artists trading paintings for lodging from owners of local homes or guesthouses, to fisherman offering a share of their day’s catch to provide a meal for an artist who might otherwise go without, to the walls of local cafes and homes lined with artwork given in exchange for simple kindnesses. Art and everyday life, constantly mixing and connecting.  This Zoom lecture will explore two artists who utilized both printmaking and painting within the realm of Cubism and Modernism.  After their first meeting, Weinrich helped Knaths to develop his personal style of painting and over time, they developed a close and mutually beneficial working relationship.