The Personal Landscape: A Painting Workshop

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” -Pablo Picasso

This workshop delves into the indispensable and innate relationships between the artist and their environment. How we see and experience a landscape is informed by observations and conclusions of the past. The insight into the external is therefore shaped by our cultural and social background and our system of beliefs.

This workshop encourages participants to draw upon those personal experiences/views to allow for interpretations of the seen that are unique with no obligations towards being objective or fact-based.

Through a personal inventory we will collect a varied bank of individual thoughts, questions and ideas. Which topics have always moved me and which ones have I been feeling passionate about lately? We will explore how to link those up in new and unexpected ways by combining linear and non-linear thinking. Digging deep within, we will engage into the adventure of rules being broken and recognizing how chance fuels art-making.

Participants are encouraged to bring photos or drawings of landscapes that are imbued with special meaning, as well as writings or journals—if at hand. This workshop is open to all levels and painting styles.