The Intimacy of Memory

The objects we keep are a testament to the depth and breadth of being human and loving. The objects we keep are sacred containers.

The Intimacy of Memory workshop is a space for you to make art based on the objects you kept after a meaningful loss in your life.  It approaches the complexities of grief and love using art as a central connector. Because so many don’t have language for loss, art can play a pivotal role in communicating emotion and further healing. In this relaxed and mutually supportive workshop we will create a mixed media work on canvas, exploring how the objects you kept prompt memory and how memory changes over time. In what ways does the chosen object represent both the person who died and your shared relationship?  How do objects hold and celebrate a life? If you don’t have a physical object, you can work from a significant memory. Whether the loss is fresh or long past, this workshop gives artistic space and voice to the grief and love you may have been nursing privately. But while the subject is heavy for many, there is often laughter and joy as we share memories. This workshop is 75% art-making with time to discuss the process of making art on this topic.  It is not art therapy, but a safe space for you to address your experiences and feelings using art as a canvas for expression.  No art experience is necessary, just a willingness to explore, create and share.