The Creative Stimulus: Dialogues

Together we will engage in a creative dialogue exploring how we retrieve information, process it, and communicate it to the outside world. We will attempt to learn more about who we are as a person, as an artist, about the world we are part of, and how we can be more successful in sharing what we care about. This is achieved through a series of individual and group exercises. In addition, we will focus on the process of art-making itself, as a record of where we are and how we can advance our work through new creative approaches.

Images from the collection and special exhibits at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum facilitate the exploration of perception, memory and recognition. This is a starting point for a conversation about the art world as well as a stepping stone into our own work. In addition, we will visit a commercial gallery and talk to a professional gallerist to get an additional insight into the presentation of art.

These creative dialogues expand our vision and strengthen our point of view. We will follow the beginnings of inspiration to its creative execution and learn methods to support and advance our work. All levels of experience, working in any medium and substrate, are welcome, as we address fundamental issues concerning all artists in our goal to explore new ways to advance our work.