Taking the Photo You Want to Take

It’s a simple enough concept. You see something that appeals to you. You want to preserve it in a form more tangible than memory; something you can share with others. You look through a viewfinder, you click the shutter button and, it doesn’t always match the majesty of  what drew you to the scene in the first place.

And that’s ok. You are so  not alone. 

What we’re trying to do here is to increase your chances – by increasing your knowledge – of getting that shot just like you want it, and even then some. The thing we have to keep in mind is that the camera is not your eye and your brain. The way your senses perceive and digest an image is an entirely different process, with entirely different physical variables, than the way your machine made of glass and electronics will. But, with that said, the more you shoot, the more you will be able to read the elements of a scene, light being the single most important among them , and adjust the settings of your camera to not only match what your eyes are seeing, but to take it one step beyond that and make the scene the best version of what it is your seeing.

The key to remember is that whatever it is that turns you on about the moments that you want to capture, they are all decisions. The camera is merely a tool that can seem terribly complex, and it is if you need it to be, but in truth, like any tool, it’s limited and finite.

This virtual workshop will take place over three weeks, meeting twice a week over Zoom to talk about assignments, share photos, and troubleshoot.