Taking the Photo You Want to Take

Understanding your digital slr camera can seem akin to learning how to play an instrument you’ve always loved the sound of, but never known the first thing about getting a good sound out of. Armed with the basic, necessary, simple-to-grasp knowledge you’ll learn in this workshop, you’ll lessen your “hope for the best” photo ops and greatly increase your “I want to make this!” creations. No matter what body, what lens, or what combination of the two you have, you command the tool that is your camera and you have the ability to take beautiful, deliberate, photos.

In this workshop we’ll cover the relationship of shutter speed, aperture and ISO and how all of this relates to the single most important aspect of photography (which, conveniently, happens to be the element that made Provincetown an artist’s paradise in the first place) – light. We will discuss composition, isolation of subject, anticipation and all manner of photography as a very personal art through which anyone can find their own voice.

Approaches and styles include landscape photography of both the natural world and urban-style photojournalism as well as the study of light and depth-of-field as it relates to still life and portraiture in both indoor and outdoor lighting scenarios.