A Fresh Perspective: Pastel and the Landscape

Pastels are a wonderful medium to work with and can be a liberating experience for everyone. We only need to watch a child with crayons to understand the freedom of applying colors to paper. One can sketch freely with color or build up a picture with many layers to create great atmosphere and depth. In this workshop, open to all levels, you’ll explore the art of pastel, working in different locations around Provincetown and Truro. Nature is constantly changing in front of us so we will explore several different approaches and find what works best for us in different conditions.

The workshop is ideal for individuals interested in a relaxed approach to working outdoors, while utilizing the accessible and satisfying medium of soft pastels – a tradition going back thousands of years. There are demonstrations each day and examples of how the masters used pastels, from the cave drawings at Lascaux to Matisse’s sublime landscape sketches.