Seven Exercises to Energize Your Creative Life

If creativity seems ever present some days and elusive others, this workshop is for you. Thomas and Rhonda can help you boost your creativity, and better understand your connection to it.

Finding that art empowered us in our own lives and work, we became “creativity” and “art education” research junkies, acquiring a plethora of information regarding how creativity is fostered and grown. This wealth of information led us to create a system that guides students in developing their own creativity and we are dedicated to sharing it with as many people as possible. We have had overwhelmingly positive response from former students. We love watching how the workshop bolsters people in their work. Part of the system involves activities that are practical, clarifying the meta-cognition involved in the creative process. Some of the practices will ask you to self-reflect, taking responsibility for your own creative process and the elements that help or hinder your journey. Exploring historical and cultural concepts will allow you to benefit yourself and others through your work. Finally, the workshops solidify a step by step, joyfully led, overall picture of how to access flow (Czikszentmihalyi) and create in a fully engaged way. Creativity begets more creativity.

These two teachers revel in the heart-based works the students produce, and are excited every time they get to work in tandem to help students realize their creative potential. This workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in honing his or her creative life. Accomplished artists, deans of business schools and creatives at every level have soared through this experience and you can too!