Online: Provincetown and Beyond: Looking at Art around the World

Virtual Travel on Zoom crossing cultures and time inspired by the heritage of the Provincetown Art Colony.

Join us for  art history/art appreciation workshops using Zoom to travel through the Internet, crossing borders, cultures, and time to see art inspired by the Provincetown Artist Colony. For each one hour session we begin in Provincetown, inspired by a piece of art, an artist, or idea, and then look for similar themes around the world. Once we get started, your suggestions and thoughts will influence where we go and what we see.


Workshop I: Reclining Nudes

We are going to look at a video about the Provincetown Art Association and Museum and then see a video on Penelope Jencks, “Beach Series I – Reclining Woman” which is exhibited on the Museum grounds.

From there we look at other reclining nudes around the world from Bangkok to San Diego to Sri Lanka and New York.

Workshop II: Helen Frankenthaler

This workshop is inspired by Helen Frankenthaler. We will explore her work which has been exhibited everywhere and then end with a video about her collaboration with ULAE Press.

Workshop III: White Line Prints

This workshop looks at a few Provincetown printmakers and the creation of the White Line Printing technique. This technique is based on Japanese printmaking and we will explore Ukiyo-e Prints, Hokusai, and Hiroshige.

 Workshop IV: Architecture

This workshop will explore Architecture. We will watch a video about the design and renovation of the Provincetown Museum and then look at the Bauhaus and Walter Gropius.

Workshop V: Afro-American Art in Provincetown

We will look at two Afro-American artists in Provincetown, Joseph Diggs and Bob Thompson. We will look at one of the origins of African art in Nubia, a kingdom just south of the Egyptian Empire.

Workshop VI: Edward Hopper

We will look at the art of Edward Hopper and who may have influenced him. His interest in sailing and the sea will lead us to study Turner’s watercolors, art made in Venice, and artwork done outside of major cities.