Plein Air Printmaking: Sketching Outdoors to Inspire Monotypes in the Print Studio

This workshop will engage students in exploring the intersection between sketching outdoors and painterly monotype printmaking. The first part of each session will meet outside to informally sketch or paint en plein air. The second half will be held in the printmaking studio, using what was created in the field to inspire and make monoprints.

The Provincetown landscape will be used as an on-site model to generate ideas. Work in the printshop will challenge notions of landscape painting as a consequence of being removed from the field.  As the monotype lends itself to abstraction and experimentation, new modalities in approaching the painted image will arise. 

Drawing and sketching one on one feedback will occur on site. The monoprint section will introduce various concepts and techniques of printmaking like seriality, re-registration, paper tearing, and cognate images (the ghost print). Individual and group critique will be a component of the workshop. Examples of monotypes from the PAAM collection and other artists will be shown to enlighten and inspire the class. All levels of experience from the beginning to advanced painter are welcome.