Plein Air in Radiant Light

Well known for her generous “coaching,” Rosalie will facilitate your own unique hand to bring more impact, brilliance, depth, and emphasis where you want it in your own work.

In this two day workshop we will work en plein air in the morning, (weather permitting) as we paint Provincetown’s unique landscape. After lunch, we will work in the studio, addressing the key to vivid color to improve our painted impressions as we explore color’s contrast in value, temperature and hue.

​ ​The intricacies of edges and brushwork lead the viewer’s eye through the composition as punctuations in paint evoking emotion, poetry, and magic in our paintings. Contrast is the key to expressing the light effect. We begin by learning to paint what we see. Nature teaches us to see the classical principles of art, honing our visual awareness and our sensitivity to observing relationships.

Come to your surface and embrace the process!