Plein Air in Radiant Light in Orleans

Well known for her generous “coaching”, Rosalie will facilitate your own unique hand to bring more impact, brilliance, depth and emphasis where you want it in your own work.

In this three day workshop, you will work en plein air (weather permitting) as you paint the landscape where there are water views. Nature’s ever changing light teaches us to see the classical principles of art, honing your visual awareness and your sensitivity to observing relationships. Painting your impressions as you explore color’s contrast in value, temperature and hue will bring presence and a sense of time and space to your work.

Meet Sunday morning in Rosalie’s spacious studio in Orleans, which offers varied water views with easy access and free parking. We will return for lunch at her home and paint the afternoon light in a new location. Please see the materials list to be best prepared.

Revitalize your affair with paint or pastels as you come to see that light is the subject!