Online: People, Places & Things: Painting What’s Important

From time to time, every artist wonders what their work is about. This workshop is focused on exploring the nature of content in painting, starting with an inventory of our individual preoccupations and moving into personal explorations of landscape, portraiture, and still life. The goal of the workshop is to create a small body of work focused on one theme, an archive of source materials, and to establish a sense of trajectory that will allow each of us to continue working after the workshop. Prompts for getting started with our explorations will be offered, but participants will be encouraged to pursue ideas that are important to them regardless of the prompts.

This workshop will be held over five days.  The first session will include introductions, a slide presentation of paintings related to the workshop theme, and a guided writing exercise to unearth preoccupations that can fuel our studio practices. The second session will be a working session, with a brief presentation and studio time. The third session will review the work we’ve started and offer some studio time. The fourth session will be working, with a brief presentation and studio time. And the final session will be a review of what we’ve accomplished.

Because workshop participants will have varying amounts of work time outside of our sessions, they’re encouraged to work in any painting, drawing or collage media they choose and to pursue both completed paintings and the collection of reference materials through quick studies, drawing and photography.  It’s my hope tat the structure of this workshop will help us all learn to better fit painting into our days — regardless of our other commitments!