Painting Your Landscape

Toward the end of her life, reflecting on the beginning of her work in New Mexico, Georgia O’Keeffe said, “I thought someone could tell me how to paint a landscape. But I never found that person. I had to just settle down and try…They could tell me how to paint their landscape, but they couldn’t tell me how to paint mine.”

Finding one’s landscape, and painting one’s landscape, (joyfully) can be the work of a lifetime. Drawing on O’Keeffe’s wisdom, this course will not focus on specific techniques or approaches to landscape painting, but rather will work with each participant to develop confidence in their skills and individual visual language. In the mornings we will do fieldwork — exploring the landscape in and around Provincetown, making drawings and doing some plein air painting. In the afternoons we’ll use the PAAM studio as a basecamp for discussions and studio painting. Also, in the afternoons, individuals who prefer to work outside, can work on the beach or street near PAAM.

One develops their skill as a painter by painting, so the goal of this workshop will be the development of suite of studies and finished paintings of small to medium scale. Be prepared to make approximately 5 paintings a day, either on small canvases, panels or paper. And come expecting to learn and have fun with fellow painters!