Online Stop-Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is a fun way to learn how to make something inanimate move. When you first start to do it, it almost seems magic. In this online class, students will put together a series of small stop motion animations around a central theme. Students will have fun creating a mini set, and learning the basics of beautiful lighting. It’s easy to put together an affordable stop motion animation studio using your smartphone, and you will be guided step by step in using the tools, creating the concepts and utilizing social networking to exhibit your work.

The class will take place over 4 sessions in a month time period, including an online orientation session. There will be a weekly two-hour long time where students can show and critique each other’s work and ask questions about the process. This session will be recorded for students to review if needed. There also will be a web site in which there are materials, web site links, and opportunities for students to pose questions through the week as they go about their work.