Online: Painting Intensive

Prior to the start of the workshop, students will receive an email with writings on creativity, quotes and other material to open up space for renewed insights to unfold in our session.
 Thursday June 24th 10 AM – 12 PM
The morning session opens with an intro, the organization of sessions and a powerpoint to orient our practicum of intensive looking and making.
We will then play warm up exercises that are common in stand up!
And approach a few drawing/resourcing exercises.
The remainder of the morning, participants will work on their individual WIP, [previous work], begin new work and or spend time looking over, thinking about and collecting data for possible work.
 The instructor is available on chat for individual questions and comments for the duration.
Lunch Break 12 – 1 PM [1 hr]
1 PM – 3 PM
  Demo of various drawing, painting, collage techniques.
  Jump back into work, the instructor will consult one on one by request. The day will end with a reading/recitation by the instructor.
Friday June 25th 
10 AM – 12 PM
Follow up questions and comments.
 Powerpoint selection geared to assist each WIP.
Begin work. Ask questions in chat.
Lunch 12 – 1 PM
1PM – 3 PM
A compare and contrast powerpoint.
Studio practice the remainder of the afternoon. Chat one on one.