Online: Mindful Art Observation to Jumpstart Your Creative Practice

Mindful art observation gives us back to ourselves. It soothes the nervous system, creating body-level calm. It smooths the mind and connects us with our inner wisdom, producing insight. It makes us aware of our projections, which gives us agency for change. And it refills the well of inner imagery, inspiring divergent thinking and creative problem solving that we need as makers.

This 2-hour Zoom workshop begins with an experience—guided body-centered relaxation and meditative art observation with work from the PAAM collection—and leaves you with tools, insights, and a take-away creative prompt to spark your at-home practice. We’ll incorporate written or drawn reflection and group discussion with emphasis on co-creating a safe and compassionate space for people of all adult ages, races, genders and backgrounds. Come away feeling relaxed, self-aware, inspired to make, and empowered to practice meditative observation on your own.