Online: Expanded Studio

What is the Expanded Field of Sculpture?  

We will workshop through this question in a 4-week course. As this Post Modern Era rapidly unfolds right before our eyes, we are eager to make things that represent and replicate the stories of our times. What we are experiencing and developing in our own personal landscapes and platforms. In this course you will make and place objects from what we find around us, no need to buy anything new! You will be encouraged to allow the flow of piecing together and pushing alternate forms of sculpture.  

In a weekly series of power point presentations, instructions, imagery and projects, you will investigate and play with ideas and forms. Through critical readings discover what other creative producers have done and are doing. You will be taking photos of your work along the way, as we meet on Fridays on ZOOM to share what we have been able to work with. 

All artists and mediums are welcome! No limit to course size. This process driven course is aimed to grow your work with no fear of failure.   


Week 1. Sticks, Stones and Bones. We will collect various materials from our local environment to create imagery and installation objects. 

Week 3. Paper. We will take the mundane slip of paper to 2D and 3D objects that will transcend the flat plane.   

Week 2. Sites +Places. We will be then be taking studio work to a place or site to augment the power and experimenting in WHERE – inside – outside and Non Sites.  

Week 4. Live Matter.  Working with materials that are alive! Plants, dirt,  food and other live materials.