My Favorite Photo! How Did I Do That? A Beginner’s Guide to Repeating Your Best Shot

This class will be similar to other “Beginner Level” photography workshops, in that we’ll talk about the basics of taking photos (understanding the camera, composition, light,) but the twist is that we’ll look at it from the standpoint of a participant’s favorite photo and we’ll break down what made it that way in order to understand the process and repeat the result. The goal is to make the students comfortable with what can seem an intimidating, vexing tool, by showing them that getting a great photo isn’t as difficult, or as accidental, as they might think. By interactively working on understanding how their camera works, in terms of controlling light, focus and shutter speed, students should leave the class knowing why their camera does what it does as they use it, with the ultimate aim being that they will be able to have greater control and intention and, subsequently, creativity with their photography.