Multiple Panel Paintings

Who doesn’t love a triptych, or a diptych, contemporary icons that also hark back to 3-part altarpieces from the middle ages? They can be continuations of one image, with consideration given to the break, or 2-3 separate paintings that interrelate, oriented horizontal or vertical. I have been in love with these multi-panel formats for over 40 years, working on imagery first abstract; then figurative; and now for many years landscape-inspired, from two to 12+ panels. Sharing what I have learned, this workshop will focus on the aesthetic and practical specifics of the multi-panel exploration.

Students are invited to work in any style or genre, in any medium that applies to canvas or panel. We will begin with works on paper, and then move on to a horizontal followed by a vertical triptych.  I will help students assemble the panels indicated on the supply list so that they can easily sit on our easels or be worked on at tables. This will be a dynamic workshop of artists working in their preferred medium and style. Together we will explore how best to translate individual choices into a triptych or other multi-panel format, building on our shared artistic inheritance of the grid and serial imagery.