Online Mixed-Media Collage: A Two-Part Art Intensive

Choose one or both weeks of this Zoom experience!


Week 1: Mixed-Media and You

Combining acrylic paint with collage, mark-making tools, newspaper and more, one can create innovative compositions with deep meaning. Mixed-media collage invites the artist to imagine boundless options for materials. Small squares and rectangles of cardstock will form the substrates for our smaller pieces, as well as larger formats from other substrates, that you are free to use. You are welcome to bring existing pieces on stretched canvas, board, etc., and we will awaken them.

Sarah will lead the class through the basics of collage technique as well as the endless charms of mixed-media. The emphasis of the instruction will be two-fold: how to ready (and choose) substrates, as well as how to create raw material, the papers you render and texture, to collage with. Several demonstrations will aid in your understanding of how to develop your work. Techniques covered in this preliminary week include gesso prints, scribing, glazing, color washes and contour drawing. 

We will discuss how to see successful compositions, the counter-intuitive and serendipity. All papers, letters, scraps of meaning, and memorabilia welcome. 

Bring your playful intentions!