Online Mixed Media Collage: A Two Part Intensive

Choose from one or both weeks of this Zoom experience!


Week 2: Personal Landscapes, Personal Intention

Come discuss and be curious about your personal preferences of form, color and composition. Employing new techniques, we will continue to explore mixed-media collage. We will be working on the next (or final) layers of a mixed-media collage, and I will demonstrate and focus the class on creating more depth. Tissue paper, sheer fabric, bakery paper, medical paper are all welcome supplies for this class.

We will discuss depth of layers, depth of color and texture, as well as the metaphor- Depth of Meaning!  

Your journey of personal compositions and preferences will be boosted by a new-found knowledge of layering. There will be an emphasis in our discussions on differences between figurative (representational), and abstract as well. Come explore your preferences, and hear from others, how they construct their personal compositions as well! As with the class last week, any old pieces in need of a “revival” are welcome!