Method Flux

Explore new processes for creating in this primarily discussion-based workshop. We will work on what drives you as an observer and as an artist, and then explore how to use that to create a coherent body of artwork in the future. As we delve into new mediums, or new ways to use old mediums and conceptual themes to fit you as an artist, we work on finding your artistic strengths by focusing on what you have deep connections to outside of your current practice.

Some of the concepts we will discuss include using found materials as a medium or a template, incorporating a specific palette if you are color driven, letting the materials be natural and speak for themselves, and focusing on a theme or medium, then expanding that into a coherent body of work.

For example, explore your love of the ocean. Narrow your focus to one aspect of the ocean: perhaps seaweed. Explore ways to interpret seaweed. Photograph it? Use the actual material as collage or sculpture? If you are drawn to renderings on paper or canvas, how can you focus in on the seaweed as a subject (large scale, minutiae)? How does it dry, what are the things you must consider as it’s properties when it ages? Can it be used to make dyes or inks for an extension of your current practice? What happens to it as it ages, and how can you preserve the desired qualities? Can the seaweed be used to create a relief or template in clay or some other medium?

These are some of the concerns and concepts we will consider while talking about new mediums and how to use them. The goal for this workshop is to add an energy to the exploration of the artists’ practice and method.