Introduction to the Figure and Anatomy

Students will be introduced by the proportions and demonstrations of convexity of proportion, planes which will lead first, second and third weeks focusing on the skeleton of the head and neck into the muscular insertions and attachments to the skull. This will seamlessly move to the next three weeks which in the fourth week focusing on the rib cage and pelvis/ core of the figure and building upon the proportion, planes, bony skeleton and muscular insertions and attachments echoing what how we begin learning Human Anatomy in the beginning of the class. There will be a live model and demonstrations as well as drawing examples from the masters to demonstrate everything being taught in class.

In the final class students get to choose to work on tinted paper with charcoal pencils and white charcoal pencils that really emulate the three-dimensional form of the anatomical structure. This part will be discussed and understood as we go further into the class.