Introduction to the Art of iPhoneography

iPhoneography, a form of mobile art, has grown into an international movement of thousands of people with varying backgrounds who have discovered how to capture an image spontaneously with their cell phone, and to create an image or tell a story unique to that moment. The Beginner’s workshop is an introduction to iPhoneography that will focus on a few of the most common editing apps. During the workshop you will be provided a brief overview of your camera, while reviewing some basic photography composition tips. We then move to an introduction of a few photography apps used by many iPhoneographers.  The goal of this workshop is to take you beyond the “native” camera in order to show you how to make creative images that reflect how you see the world. You don’t need to be an experienced photographer to learn. During this workshop you will have the chance to practice what you’ve learned with one-on-one instruction, as needed.