From Impression to Abstraction: A Four-Day Painting Workshop

“Every man is an artist”. —Joseph Beuys, 1921-­1986.

Abstraction lies on a continuum: it reaches from the representational to non-recognizable. This workshop encourages you to find your own comfort zone on that continuum. Early explorations take place during a brief walk through the streets and by the shoreline of Provincetown’s East End; we will capture impressions—quickly documented through rough sketches, digital snapshots, or simply memorizing what’s essential to one’s perception. Upon returning to the studio, the actual painting process begins. We will aim to focus the majority of our time looking at the canvas/paper and less time on the actual subject—eventually freeing ourselves from the observed to expressing a memory. Through group discussions and individual conversations you will be motivated to broaden your painting experiences, focusing on composition, form and color.

In addition, we will do short drawing exercises using a photograph as a prompt to draw, explore and experiment. These drawings may also result in prompts for paintings executed during the workshop.

The four-day workshop provides the opportunity to contemplate the experience of day one and continue the discourse the following days. You can explore the same scenery in a serial approach or new sceneries (on your own time).