Free Members’ Workshop: Dreamscapes

Students will work with an image that they have a personal connection to. The emphasis of the class will be on creating mood, atmosphere, and emotion in a work of art. Landscapes will be open to a wide range of aesthetic results, allowing the development of the work to guide and inspire – tuning into each student’s individual sensitivities. This process brings the quality of dreams and imagination to the surface of the painting. Students bring a selection of images, landscape or otherwise, that spark a memory or experience; something personal to them. A brief demonstration will be given to discuss basic layout and compositional issues, while introducing the process of reacting to your work as it develops. Students will be worked with one-on-one, using the memories of their image as a springboard for development their painting. Students will be encouraged to make multiple works before the end of class, focusing on progress rather than finish. Paintings will be accomplished with acrylic and pastel, but the class is open to watercolor or oil painting if a student would prefer.

Please bring all materials needed to paint, participants may work in any type of oil or acrylic. Please remember that PAAM is a non-toxic school, and we do not allow turpentine or other toxic solvents. Gamsol, veggie oil, and linseed oil are all green alternatives. Please get in contact should you have any questions regarding materials.