Figure Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain

In this workshop we will emphasize the five skills to draw any object, based on Betty Edwards’ award-winning curriculum Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. We will build upon perceptive skills introduced September’s workshop, with an emphasis on the human figure by working with the live model and portraiture. While it is recommended that students enroll in the first class, it is not required. The type of skill we are developing is independent of subject matter- so students will be able to engage the practice wherever they are in their skills.

While the focus of the workshops is on seeing and drawing, absolutely no previous art training or special talent for drawing is necessary. Learning to draw means learning to see things differently – to see in ways not frequently used in ordinary life. Once learned, drawing can be used to record what you see either in reality or in your mind’s eye, in a manner not totally unlike the way we can record our thoughts and ideas in words. Many 20th century abstract painters who appear to draw and paint in a completely random fashion, had to learn to draw realistically before they were able to make the shift into abstract painting. Picasso, Willem de Kooning, Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, and Jackson Pollock are a few examples of great abstract painters who first learned to draw realistically. Join certified instructor and course facilitator Doug Ritter to explore how to see and draw differently.