Drawing with PAAM- A Virtual Drawing Group *DATE CHANGE

“Drawing is rather like playing chess: your mind races ahead of the moves that you eventually make.”

—David Hockney

Drawing is one of the most basic forms of art making. It can be exploratory with considerable focus on observation and problem-solving. This online class is for artists of all experiences who want to exercise and stretch their drawing skills while developing an ongoing drawing habit through daily drawing challenges. For two consecutive weeks, a photograph will be posted each weekday morning on a private blog. All participants are expected to use the photograph as a prompt to draw, explore and experiment. It will be a place to start and can be rendered in any way or style­­–from a more literal depiction to a freely abstracted interpretation of the photograph. It is up to the individuals to decide how much time is devoted to the daily drawing. These can vary from a 5 minute sketch to a fully realized drawing—all is fair. Participants can use any drawing instruments, from graphite pencil to pen and ink or colored ink brushes. The drawing surfaces can range from paper to card board, mylar, etc.

This class will give you the opportunity to work on your own time. All participants are required to upload one drawing to the blog before midnight each day. This class will be a critique free environment, where the focus is put on learning by doing. However, the comments section will be open to members of the group—constructive comments amongst the participants are welcome. You will learn from seeing your work in context of the various individual responses of your class mates. You will be inspired and motivated by those results. You will also be challenged to draw a given subject matter, even if it does not initially resonate and to overcome hesitation to share a drawing that you may not consider entirely successful. All these challenges will allow you to learn and improve your observation and drawing skills.