Drawing the Head with Clay: An Introduction to Relief Sculpture in Harwich Port

A slab of clay is a malleable surface, one that can be drawn into, added to, or wiped clean. Clay is, in its initial wet state, both responsive to touch and, if need be, changeable. Relief sculpture lies somewhere between two and three dimensions allowing the use of both line and form.  This workshop explores creating bas (low) relief sculptures using the human head as subject matter. We will look at examples of both traditional and contemporary Western relief artworks with the goal of incorporating some of the mark making and modeling techniques into the works created during class.

Most sessions begin with a brief ‘jump start’ talk and/or demo, followed by making a series of quick clay sketches from either a model or ourselves from various viewpoints. The remainder of the time is spent working on one relief. The last session is spent finishing up work so that it can be fired in the studio kiln and ultimately displayed.

The purpose of working in this manner is to introduce everyone to a relatively simple way of working with clay from a subject in relief, thus making relief sculpture more accessible to artists who would like to expand their creative vocabulary.

Directions to the artist’s studio are supplied upon registration.