Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain

In this workshop we will learn the five skills to draw any object, based on Betty Edwards’ award-winning curriculum Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The first week primarily will be centered in the studio, the second will engage landscape and architectural subjects in Provincetown, and week three will focus on portraiture and figurative drawing from a live model.

Students and adaptive learners should consider perceptual drawings as the foundation for advanced work in art, but it is important to note that within the parameters of this basic instruction it’s a model for many other types of creative thinking- and an opportunity to engage in a traditional practice that has been a continuing part of the human civilization. The classes and workshops in Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain offer much more than a road to accomplishment in the pictorial arts- they objectify our consciousness, and demonstrate to ourselves how we actually perceive and understand the world we see.

The classes offer fundamental and essential models of learning that are applicable to a wide range of disciplines and purposes, and my students relate how this instruction has served in seemingly unrelated fields such as business, mathematics, psychology, law, and physics. And apart from that is a newly found awareness of the visual field – to bring nature in – and to enrich and develop aesthetic and intelligent relationship to our world. Join certified instructor and course facilitator Doug Ritter to explore how to see and draw differently.