Drawing and Watercolor

This workshop is designed to accommodate many different kinds of students. Choose just one session or a combination of two. Start by learning drawing techniques one day and then explore watercolor the next. Watercolor and drawing skills go “hand-in-glove.” Sometimes color is added to a drawing. Both drawing and watercolor are done on paper so they share a common sensibility. A free exploration of both mediums liberates each medium, eliminates boundaries, and creates a unique visual language.

When participating in the drawing process, many people worry about how the final product will look and often sacrifice exploration for image. This workshop encourages experimentation with pencil, charcoal, conté crayon, pen and ink; surfaces such as smooth, textured and colored papers; as well as alternative surfaces and mark-making materials. We’ll look at drawings from other cultures done in many mediums and work in the studio utilizing basic shapes. Composition and perspective are also discussed.

Have you been longing to work with light and color but can’t devote a week to a class? This introductory watercolor workshop guides you in the use and choice of materials, including paper, pigment, brushes, sponges, and where to find them. We’ll look at artwork done in the watercolor medium from a variety of cultures, followed by demonstrations of paint mixing, the application of watercolors on a spectrum of papers, and the effects of using different kinds of brushes and sponges, focusing on technique.