Online: Contemporary Papier Mache

Papier Mache has become increasingly popular among contemporary artists. Why? Because paper is plentiful and working in this medium offers maximum potential for artistic expression . A French term meaning “chewed paper”, the simplest way to make it is to combine paper fragments with wheat paste. In this class we will cover, no pun intended, creating both flat and sculpted artworks, culminating in creating unique “Corona” Papier Mache attire. At this time the majority of us have limited access to expensive art materials and working with Papier Mache is not costly. Materials for this class can be found at your home, at the transfer station (recycled mags or newspaper), the hardware store, or the market. Participants can purchase the ingredients for making wall paper paste from the hardware store or make it at home using the recipe provided when you sign up. We will paint the finished works by using what is easily found, made, or already around. Time will be set aside for showing and sharing the art.

All levels and ages are welcome to join in the fun.