Constructions: the Melding of 2D Painting and 3D Sculpture

This workshop will explore the combination/integration of painting and sculpture.  We will start with the ideas of the Russian Constructivists (i.e. Tatlin, Popova), the work of Pablo Picasso and Louise Bourgeous, Elizabeth Murray and Manuel Neri.  We will demonstrate and experiment with various“connective” processes and building materials (i.e. wood, wax, cloth, plaster, etc.)


1) produce, experiment with at least 2 pieces/constructions during week

2) learn several techniques/materials for possible integration of painting and sculpture

3) Allow yourself to risk, improvise, alter and dialogue with your artwork

4) share and discuss your work and ideas with classmates

This will be a workshop structured class; we can all be working in different modes with different materials.The class is based on individual critiquing and sharing ideas with classmates. Representational or nonrepresentational work, figurative (models can be available) or nonfigurative work are encouraged. Artists we will discuss/explore include Vladimir Tatlin, Louise Bourgeous, Pablo Picasso, Kiki Smith, Elizabeth Murray, Joan Brown and Manuel Neri, Mimi Gross and Red Grooms, Lee Bontecou, Alberto Giacometti and Liubov Popova.

All levels of experience are welcome.