Color Mixing for Painters

This workshop is designed to develop and hone skills in color identification; mixing from primaries and mixtures; matching color; and creating dynamic and harmonious color compositions. Color-mixing exercises that build upon each other reveal principles of creating color, including hue, value, temperature, and tone.

Day #1, each artist will create a series of charts that illustrate how to mix any color with primaries and black and white, charts that they will bring home and can use going forward to inform their color choices. This is the most highly structured section.

Day #2 we will put this information into practice with assigned exercises that explore color compositions that are subtle or bright; high contrast or low; monochromatic, analogous or complementary; and flat, gradated, or layered.

Day #3 is the interpretive phase when students can work with imagery in the genre or style of their choosing, first mixing and critiquing the palette before applying paint. The intersection of color and shape/composition will be examined, as well as mood and color associations.

The knowledge gained will allow artists to incorporate into their work an understanding of where the mixtures that we use come from; how to mix anything from primaries; color and mood; and how to critique and improve a palette using applied problem-solving to enhance an intuitive color sense.

Open to painters in any medium.