Childrens’ Art Adventures

This series of sessions provides a fun, supportive, and engaging environment for creativity.  From week to week we’ll work with a variety of media, both inside the Museum School studios, PAAM’s galleries, and outside—utilizing each environment to inspire art-making.

Ages 5+

Take one class or sign up for the whole summer!  All materials are supplied.

Feel free to bring along materials to any class that might be able to be used, as well as a snack and/or drink. For outside days, please bring a hat and sun block.



July 6-7

Pléniére Beach Painting (Day 1 and Day 2)

In this class we will use the Provincetown seashore as our backdrop and inspiration. We will first touch on basic techniques for painting and then hit the beach! The children will enjoy a class spent marveling at the ocean, sand and wildlife, creating their own beach-themed masterpiece. Day 2 will be another day of supervised pléniére painting and enjoyment.


July 13-14

Elementary Printmaking with Recycled Materials – Landscapes (Day 1)

Here we would introduce the children to basic printmaking skills using recycled materials such as cardboard and styrofoam trays to create monotypes. I’d like to incorporate the Provincetown scenery as inspiration here. We will create vibrant blocks of color with these materials as the children learn to translate the beautiful Provincetown seashore, colorful streets and surrounding area, into art.


July 20-21

Painting and Collage with Recycled Materials (Day 1 and Day 2)

Here we will combine painting with collage using recycled and repurposed materials. The children can choose a subject of their liking and explore different techniques to create art that is composed of collaging various objects into their piece while overlaying painting. Day 2 would use different materials for a different piece with similar techniques.


July 27-28

Nature Rubbings (Day 1 and Day 2)

This class will explore methods of incorporating nature into art. We will play with various rubbing techniques such as using crayon over leaves on paper, and the use of texture as art. Additional materials such as paint and watercolor can be added to the nature rubbings to transform them into fuller compositions. Day 2 will expand on new techniques and explore painting on stones, leaves, sticks, and other natural materials. Children will learn how art can be composed from the natural world.


August 3-4

Elementary Origami (Day 1 and Day 2)

I’d like to re-visit the proposal of an Origami class, as this has been a successful class I’ve taught with children of younger ages in the past. We would work on basic folding techniques to make sailboats, bookmarks and other simple structures. The children enjoy engaging in choosing their unique colorful and beautifully patterned paper to start this class. In Day 2 we can revisit the same folds but create different projects. The students to attend both days will build confidence with their folding skills.


August 10-11

Abstract Painting – with Gallery Inspiration (Day 1 and Day 2)

Using galleries as inspiration for their own work will be a fun way to connect with the local community. Provincetown has a rich history of the arts. Celebrating this with a quick trip to the museum to view current exhibition work will be the first half of the first class, after which we will return to the studio to create our own abstract works of art. In Day 2 we can elaborate on these abstracts experimenting with different techniques.


August 17

Carnival Week – Masks (1 day only)

This one day class will celebrate the eclectic carnival week in Provincetown. Children will learn basic mask-making techniques to create their own mask to join in the celebration. Masks will be fun, colorful and creative, incorporating various materials.


August 24-25

Portrait Painting (Day 1 and Day 2)

Students will practice painting portraits of both themselves and others with a variety of media. How can we use our faces as inspiration? Students can choose to work in paint, pencil, pastel, or any combination of mediums to create portraits. Whether you’re looking in the mirror, or at a photograph, there’s a lot to be inspired by!