Online: Cartographic Creativity: Using Maps in Art

During this virtual workshop, participants will explore the use of maps in collage and mixed-media art by looking at the work of other artists and by creating work of their own. They will learn to see the design elements that have been used within maps (such as colors, roads, bodies of water, boundaries, etc.) and to discover ways to incorporate them into their own work. They will also explore how using different maps of different cities, countries, etc. changes the context of a piece of work and how it might be perceived.
Through a series of exercises focusing both on the geographical context and the design elements of maps they will discover how to use them as source material for both abstract and representational work. The structure of the class will allow for both group discussions and individual work time. No previous collage experience is necessary.
Participants are encouraged to use any maps, atlases, etc. that they are willing to cut up. All participants are *highly encouraged* to enroll in the class by August 20th so that you can receive a pack of cartographic materials to use during the class. If you enroll after August 20th, please have maps and atlases on hand to use.