All Day Plein Air Painting

We will begin our day in the West End of Provincetown, with an introduction and an idea of what each of your ideas and goals are in painting. A brief demo illustrates the thought process, emphasizing the larger masses, the color of the mass and the light’s affect on the mass. The length of the day affords us opportunities to make a few “starts” and/or to work on bigger canvases to go beyond the sketch.

After lunch we will meet at High Head to continue and explore the landscape and the contrast to the more complicated drawing of street scenes. The idea of the light and the color relationships between a street scene and a straight landscape are the same. Breaking through preconceived ideas of what things are i.e. a house or the sea and their color (white) (blue) is the same. The key is breaking down and seeing the simple shapes, learning the sun’s affect on them.

Teaching is adjusted to your needs whether just starting out or continuing your practice.