Advanced Photographic Techniques

You’ve got your camera. You’ve got your lenses. You’ve got your editing software. You know how to use them all, basically or more so.  Still, there are photos you see – be it in your mind or in other photographers’ portfolios – that make you say, “Ok, now how do I get THAT?” As with any art form, photography is all about experience, experimentation, risk-taking and observation. In this class, we’ll look at everyone’s work and have positive but frank discussions on how to get to that photo you know is out there waiting for you to take. We will focus on specific disciplines, street photography, performance photography, action photograph, and portrait photography in order to get a better understanding of how the camera can be used best for each, and in turn, how that knowledge can be applied to any photographic approach. You will learn how a few basic bits of knowledge and technique can make that good photo a great photo and you will come away from this workshop knowing how to continue to expand your abilities and see photography as something with no ceiling on how beautifully and specifically you can create the images you want. This is a class that can benefit anyone who has a fair amount of prior experience with photography and photographic tools and/or a reasonable understanding of basic camera settings and techniques. It also will have plenty for the more advanced photographer.