Advanced Photographic Techniques

Stage performance, portrait photography, landscape, digital post-processing and more.

You know the basics – maybe quite a bit more than that – of your camera and how to use it.

However, you see certain images, say, concert photos or that “perfect” portrait with gorgeous light and wonder “How do they do that?!”

The answer rarely (or never) lies in going out and spending thousands of dollars on the best-reviewed, latest, greatest, top of the line pro camera and lens.

Virtually all of the time, it comes down to reading the light and conditions correctly, knowing how to adjust and having the correct – not the most expensive – tool for the job.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss techniques, tips and tricks that will not only help you to get the shot, but will add greatly to your knowledge and expand your abilities in all other areas of your photography.

Participants are encouraged to bring in their work and examples of favorite pieces from other photographers.