Abstraction as Form: Seeing Abstractly

In abstract art, we are finding and creating our own structures. As painters, we develop our forms with line, color and the absence of both. Composition is a common denominator of representational and abstract art, and a key element to creating a strong painting. This will be the focus of the workshop – to understand the relationship between these two expressions of art, and to become more focused on the compositions in your paintings. You will work on a few paintings, and be encouraged to experiment with new techniques and ideas. Bring any materials such as drawings or photographs that you want to work from. I will demonstrate my painting process, support your expression, and analyze our work and the paintings of others. Familiarity with the use of acrylic or oil paints is the only experience required.

The studio space, with no instructor, will be available on Friday for you to come in and wrap up what you are working on.