Auction Shipping

PAAM has a partnership with the Mail Spot Express to pack and ship purchased lots solely as a courtesy to you, our buyers. PAAM will deliver the lot(s) and Mail Spot Express will be in contact with you regarding payment for their services which may include labor, materials and postage, or freighting and insurance.

Estimates for pricing and insurance can only be given by Mail Spot Express. They should be contacted directly if you have specific questions at 508.487.6650 or via email at

At the conclusion of the bidding, as the gavel falls, the highest bid shall record the final sale. At the call of “sold” by the auctioneer, title to and full risk and responsibility for the lot shall pass to the buyer. In no event will PAAM be liable for damage, regardless of cause.

PAAM will deliver artworks to Mail Spot Express for shipping within ten (10) business days of the receipt of your payment for the auction.

Download the shipping form for the Mail Spot and return it to Grace at PAAM so we can facilitate getting your artwork home to you.